After the huge success of Decentralized 2017, the University of Nicosia is proud to announce that Decentralized 2018 will take place on November 14-16, 2018 at the Divani Caravel, Athens, Greece.

This world-class summit will feature 70+ speakers and 1,000+ attendees from over 50 countries, exchanging knowledge and ideas on the innovative business and political implications of blockchain technologies

Our technical manager Dr. Nicholas Kolokotronis represented the CyberTrust consortium in the Decentralized 2018 conference with a speech on the use of Distributed Ledger Technologies for Enhanced Security and Privacy in the IoT.

In this talk, applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in safeguarding the Internet of things (IoT) and its ecosystem of heterogeneous devices were presented. As centralized security solutions are not adequate for dealing with the waves of attacks targeting at industrial or consumer electronics IoT devices, the blockchain is expected to define a fundamentally new approach to security, going far beyond the device’s security alone. Towards that direction, the talk presented how trusted decentralized coordination among IoT devices can be achieved to enhance our capacity in defending against sophisticated attacks and highlighted the paradigm introduced by Cyber-Trust in the security domain. N. Kolokotronis, “Distributed ledger technologies for enhanced security and privacy in the IoT,” in 2018 Decentralized conference, 2018, invited talk. The Decentralized conference ( was held in Athens, Greece, 14–16 Nov. 2018.