Project Deliverables

The following list includes all Cyber-Trust public deliverables along with their corresponding month of release.

Del. Deliverable Name Project Month Deliverable Due date Download
D2.1 Threat landscape: trends and methods M4 Aug-18 D2.1
D2.2 Threat sharing methods: comparative analysis M4 Aug-18 D2.2
D2.3 Cyber-Trust use case scenarios M6 Oct-18 D2.3
D2.4 Cyber-Trust end-user requirements M8 Dec-18 D2.4
D2.5 Threat actors’ attack strategies M8 Dec-18 D2.5
D3.1 Regulatory framework analysis M4 Aug-18 D3.1
D3.2 Legal analysis of the use of evidence material M6 Oct-18 D3.2
D3.3 Legal and ethical recommendations M8 Dec-18 D3.3
D4.1 Architecture and design specifications: initial M9 Jan-19 D4.1
D5.1 State-of-the-art on proactive technologies M10 Feb-19 D5.1
D6.1 State-of-the-art on profiling, detection and mitigation M10 Feb-19 D6.1
D7.1 Distributed ledger state-of-the-art report M9 Jan-19 D7.1
D7.2 Cyber-Trust distributed ledger architecture M12 Apr-19 D7.2
D7.3 Cyber-Trust authority and publishing management M12 Apr-19 D7.3
D9.1 CYBER-TRUST project website M4 Aug-18 D9.1
D9.2 Dissemination and use Plan M6 Oct-18 D9.2
D9.3 Dissemination activities report (1st Report) M6 Oct-18 D9.3
D9.4 Dissemination activities report (2nd Report) M12 Apr-19 D9.4

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